Monday, September 8, 2003

Patriots 0, Bills 31 (9/7/2003)

Top Ten reasons to be a happy Patriots fan this morning:

10. Adam Vinitieri well rested for next week

9. No shame in being shut out by the NFL's number one defense (to this point in the season)

8. Ty Law was so invisible yesterday that Canadian Mounties were unable to arrest him this year

7. Offensive line to have lobotomies reversed for Eagles game

6. Tom Brady getting his interceptions out of the way early

5. Now that the Patriots finished their 4-1 preseason, they can get on with the 15 games that count

4. Bill Parcells lost, too

3. Patriots unlikely to be eliminated before Red Sox

2. Team still tied for second place

And the number one reason to be a happy Patriots fan this morning...

1. Bills now overconfident -- we got 'em right where we want 'em!

- Sunshine Scott

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