Friday, February 15, 2008

"See! Told ya we didn't cheat!"

Hi All,

Well, the contest was about as close as you could get, with two of the entries tied at the top and another entry just one vote behind. As promised, I flipped a coin to decide the winner. Or more accurately, I had someone from the firm of Waters, Pricehouse flip the coin (note: I called Price, Waterhouse, but they actually charge you money to flip a coin). "And the award goes to..."

"See! Told ya we didn't cheat!" -- congratulations to Christine Kittle

Second place was "Patriots almost perfect, Manning wins again" -- Sean Lento

Third place was "Go Pats Go! Going, going... gone." -- Karen Correnti

The booby prize goes to all the five-word and seven-word entries I got. Your reward is another year of English composition :)

Thanks to all who entered. This was a lot of fun, and if I can get another prize, I'll run another contest in the future.

I expect to write a wrap-up email for next week, and then an off-season needs assessment for the week after. Until then, take care.

Keep the faith,

- Scott



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