Tuesday, September 28, 2010

When will the Patriots cook up some defense?

On the lighter side of things, Tavolino Restaurant at Patriots Place is in a Bon Appetite list of the best chocolate chip cookies in the America.  And given that there were only 7 spots on the list, it wasn't exactly an easy thing to do.

For what it's worth, I got tickets to the Club Seats at Gillette Stadium a few years back and had one of the best pieces of chocolate cake I'd ever tasted.  So there might actually be something to the foodie-ness over there in Foxboro.

My question is, when will the Patriots use their fine culinary skills to cook up some defense?  They currently rank 28th in the NFL in scoring defense, 27th in yards given up, and 28th in opponent passer rating.  And last week made a pathetic Buffalo Bills offense look absolutely stellar -- allowing 23 points to a team that had 17 total in their previous two games.

Maybe they should talk to the chef at Tavolino, or the cake vendor in the Club Seats.  They might get some decent tips on how to whip up a good defense for next Monday in Miami.  But if they don't do something soon, their goose may be cooked (sorry, I couldn't help myself).


- Scott

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