Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Oddity of the NFL Standings

One of the strangest numerological phenomena of the NFL season is the following:

After 15 games, it is predictable that there are no winless teams and no undefeated teams (thank you, Indy). However, setting aside ties, every record between 1-14 (the Rams) and 14-1 (the Colts) is represented -- except 9-6! As you can see on this sorted screen-shot of the NFL standings, 9-6 is somehow absent, even though there are *twelve* teams within a game of that record (at 8-7 or 10-5).

I don't know how 9-6 managed to be avoided; but it is the first time a 16-game NFL slate will fail to produce any 9-6 records during the regular season.

So it's sort of a numerologist's double-delight ;)

- Scott


  1. I don't know what's stranger. The statistical oddity, or that you noticed it!

  2. LOL... it is a bit "Rain Man" of me to notice. I wish I had a statistical software package so I could check the historical significance of these things more easily.

  3. Marosia, I am honored and humbled that you think my blog is popular enough to SPAM the comments section with an advertisement. I posted about it in my personal blog, and thank you for the chuckle and for stopping by.

    BTW, if you are going to attend the games, then I hope you enjoy them. I love going and wish I had the time to attend them all -- home *and* away :)