Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Rex Ryan auditions for WCW

New York Jets coach Rex Ryan made headlines over the summer when he said he "never came here to kiss Bill Belichick's... rings" (link). The press had a field day with that, calling it trash talk and saying he'd regret angering a man who owns five of those coveted Super Bowl rings. Well, he didn't have to eat any crow, as his Jets beat the Patriots 16-9.

But a funny thing happened as this was all dying down. Ryan fired another salvo at a different team, and this time there is no mistaking that it is *definitely* trash talk.

The Jets have been accused of tampering with the 49ers #1 draft pick, Michael Crabtree. Rex Ryan denied the report in an interview the next day, and if he left it at that it would have been fine. But Ryan went on to say this: “I think it’s ridiculous, personally, but again we’ll let the NFL figure that one out. . . I wish we were playing them [i.e. the 49ers].”

Here's some unsolicited advice, Rex. Stick a sock in it. You are a head coach in the National Football League, not a manager or wrestler in World Championship Wrestling.

"I wish we were playing them"... what the heck did *that* mean? You gonna open a can of whoop-ass on the 49ers front office? Maybe pay a bonus to players who insult the mothers of San Fran's coaching staff? Or was it your way of challenging Mike Singletary to a mud wrestling match at mid-field?

You are allowed to motivate through whatever means you like, but remember that you're in the NFL not WCW. Disputes among front offices happen, it doesn't mean they're disrespecting you, it doesn't mean you know which side is right, and it doesn't mean your players will get motivated to defend the honor of your general manager or owner.

You got a pretty tepid handshake from Bill Belichick last Sunday, and you might expect the same from Mike Singletary. But since the Jets aren't scheduled to play the 49ers until 2012, you'll have to hold onto that anger for four years, unless you guys meet in the same Super Bowl before then.

Personally, I think you have a better chance of meeting Singletary in the ring than you do on the field. Trash talk is fine; but you have all the earmarks of a coach who starts fast and burns out. I say that as head man in New York don't make it to the Super Bowl *or* 2012. Wanna challenge me to a duel?

- Scott

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