Wednesday, January 30, 2008

"2007 Patriots in Six Words" Contest (1/30/2008)

The Patriots appearance in Super Bowl XLII isn't the only exciting thing going on with me. Harper Perennial is publishing a book of six-word Memoirs next week, and they've made me one of their featured authors. The book is "Not Quite What I Was Planning: Six-word Memoirs by Authors Famous and Obscure" (link), and mine will have page 21 all to itself, along with original artwork by yours truly.

So in honor of this (semi)acheivement, I thought I'd throw down a challenge of my own to find out just how wicked smart you guys are. And here it is:

I'm looking for the best six-word description of the Patriots 2007 season. You can submit one now, based on the regular season or the regular- and post-seasons to date. You can wait until the outcome on Sunday and send one about the overall season. Or you can show some real stones and send one that references your predicted outcome in the Super Bowl. But please send them, because the prize is worth more -- much, much more -- than those "Berry the Bears" shirts from Super Bowl XX (when the Patriots got slaughtered 46-10).

Here are two possible entries to give you an idea of the sort of thing I'm looking for (one if the Patriots win on Sunday, and one if they don't):
"Eighteen and one will always sting."
"'Any given Sunday' takes a holiday."

The spectacular prize package includes the following:
1. A copy of the Six-word Memoir book, autographed by me (or not, if you want it to retain its value).
2. Prominent placement of your winning entry on the blog (until I feel like taking it down).
3. An item given only to fans who attended the AFC Championship game at the stadium this year.

The entries will be judged on six-word-ness ("And the number of thine words shall be six!"), creativity, entertainment value, fun, accuracy, and my mood on the day of judging. You are not limited in the number of entries you can send -- bring 'em on -- and I encourage you to tell other Patriots fans you know who might be up to the challenge.

The contest will run until exactly one week after the end of the Super Bowl, and I will announce the winner in an update the following week. I will either judge it myself or come up with a list of finalists and have a neutral observer make the final decision. But in either case, the decision will be final and I will be in touch with winner to arrange delivery of the fabulous prizes.

One last thing, please send the entries to my bidemytime[AT]gmail[D0T]com account, as I could get in trouble for using my other email account to promote a contest. And one last note: if you post your six-word entry as a comment to this blog, I won't have any way to verify who you are or how to get in touch with you -- so those comments cannot be considered entries for the fabulous prize package.

Now get out there and create, and good luck to all!

Enjoy the game,

- Scott




  1. We all wish to be Giants

  2. Not really about the Patriots, eh?

  3. Bill Belichick looks better in grey!


    Red -- not my favorite color Bill!

  4. My 6-liners:

    (1) Preseason winner takes none; postseason, all.

    (2) A taste of Victory? But no.

    (3) Blogs endure while Patriots seek solace.

  5. Hey PeanutG,

    Can you email yours to BIDEMYTIME[AT]GMAIL[D0T]COM? I can't enter you in the contest unless I can track you down for possible prizes.